Fully equipped office

When working on your projects, it's important to focus on performance, be in sync with your colleagues and rely 100% on your work equipment. Not only for high-quality work in the office, there is a comprehensive range of Centropen products that harmoniously combine modern design with quality and functionality. All products of this series were designed in a perfectly ergonomic shape in Czech laboratories.

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Industry and hobby

Industry and hobby

Functional in any situation and under any conditions. Centropen products designed for professionals meet even the highest demands for quality, resistance and durability. Centropen has developed a product line for industrial and hobby environments with the inclusion of innovative elements for application to diverse materials and surfaces.

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School and children

Healthy writing, playful drawing

For small schoolchildren and preschoolers, it is necessary to learn the correct pen grip from the very beginning, which will facilitate their first steps in writing and drawing. Centropen has developed a perfect ergonomic grip part, the final design of which is based on strict laboratory and technological parameters and testing. Young schoolchildren and their parents will also appreciate the constant quality of the ink and the long life when writing.

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A world full of fantasy

White paper, plastic or even a new white t-shirt evoke the need to create - not only in children, but also in artists and professional designers. With a collection of textile, decorative or perfumed markers and other products, everyone can create perfect magic.

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Awaken the artist in you

Unleash your creativity and transport yourself accompanied by unique products to the world of dreams and endless possibilities. Exceptional sets of watercolor markers with brush tips will allow you to transfer your fantasies to paper, just as trendy anti-stress coloring books will help you forget about everyday worries.

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